demo:Manage Histories

Histories are a critical part of managing & marketing to your clients using MyChair.

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Did you know that without histories MyChair can not tell you the last time a client visited or their last used formula. Histories are also critical in reporting.

If you are using the appointment capabilities of MyChair and you are completing the appointments, you will not need to manually add histories as the histories are added when you complete the appointment. Manually Adding Histories is often done when you do not use MyChair to manage your appointments and they are done so by the salon where you rent your booth.

Lets Start By Adding a new history for our client Bob Foster. We have just finished performing a few services for Bob. We locate Bob, then scroll to the bottom and select histories. This would show us all of bobs history. Next lets Create a new history by touching the Plug sign in the top right corner.

Today’s Date is refilled in for us. Next we touch Services. Select the services that were rendered then touch the back button. MyChair has calculated the Total Services Amount based on the predefined default prices for each service. The default prices can be customized in the options area. Now we add the tip amount, any retail products that were purchased amount & the used formula. Then touch the save button. Now we see the new history in the history list, back once more to the contact list and we see that Bob Foster now has a Last Date under his name, this is the last time bob visited. If we look at Bob Fosters Detailed info we can see the formula has been updated to the last used formula. You can also go back to the histories list and look at the formula that was used at any appointment in the past.

Quick Tip: If you swipe a contact, you will get a tool bar that will allow you to quickly jump to the appointments or histories of that contact.

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