demo:Managing Client Info

In this video tutorial we will be looking at how to Manage Client information using the iPhone app MyChair

App Store

First lets look at how to add a new client. We start by touching the Plus sign, this brings up the Name form. First Provide the clients First and Last Name

Then touch Save, next you will see the client detail screen, Here you can add phone numbers & email address. Having this information is very important to the success of using MyChair to communicate with your clients.

Other information that you can track includes Birthday & Anniversary, allergies, Gender and their formula. The default Gender is Female.

The Communicate field allows you to record how the client prefers to be contacted. This is important to note as its used in the communications area of the app, plus you don’t want to send text messages someone that doesn’t subscribe to text messaging.

You can also select who referred this client; the referring person must be an existing client in MyChair.

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